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The Principessa organises didactic excursions for schools.
The trips run form February to November from Gorino Ferrarese. Boarding times 9 – 11 -13- 15 -17.The itineraries are guided.

ITINERARY: approx 2 hours
Along thePo di Goro, Scannone di Goro (Isola dell'Amore) foce Po di Gnocca (Isola del Bacucco, Sacca di Scardovari)

Landings along the Goro Po river passing what is considered a shell fish paradise. Indeed the clams and mussels cultivated here are exported worldwide.
Visitors will be enchanted by the old Goro lighthouse that marks the point where land becomes sea ( Isola dell'Amore). Continuing along the coast the cruise passes the Isola di Bacucco as far as the Po di Gnocca. The sights include lagoons and reed forests that reflect the reds and oranges of the summer sunsets and there will be a chance to explore the Sacca di Scardovari and the rice warehouse. The trip then returns to Gorino Ferrarese.

ITINERARY:approx 2.30 hours
Foce Po di Goro and Po di Gnocca, Along Gorino Ferrarese, Ponte in Chiatte, Valle
Dindona, Porto Canale of Goro.

A delicious, mainly fish menu is SERVED ON BOARD.

Our TYPICAL MENU is as follows:
:: Pasta with clams
:: Baby squid and potatoes
:: Pasta with tomato sauce
:: Steak and potatoes

:: Sweet Focaccia “Principessa” and Mineral Water
1 meal free every 25 persons

For bookings and information do no hesitate to contact:

Schiavi Vincenzino e Luigi
Vicolo del Faro, 1
44020 Gorino (FE)
Tel. e Fax 0533/ 999815

Booking is obbligatory for this and other non cruiseline services.
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